U.S. History and the Question of Exceptionality

How Exactly is America Exceptional?

Rethinking the “Comanche Empire”

“Indigenous Empires and Native Nations: Beyond History and Ethnohistory in Pekka Hämäläinen’s The Comanche Empire.

Killing Bin Laden, Preserving Stereotypes?

“Operation Geronimo”

The Nature of Ken Burns

“Ken Burns Gone Wild: Naturalizing the Nation in ‘The National Parks: America’s Best Idea’”

Beyond the Arctic Circle?

“The Near North,” in Land-as-Home: Northern Communities and Challenges

Giving thanks for ….

“Which Thanksgiving?”

Native America and the Question of Genocide

“The Broad Platform of Extermination: Nature and Violence in the Nineteenth-Century North American Borderlands”

Bury My Heart

“Of Memory and Massacre: A Soldier’s First-Hand Account of the ‘Affair on Wounded Knee’”

Surveying the American Past

“Teaching the American History Survey at the Opening of the Twenty-First Century: A Round Table Discussion”

The Meeting Place of Social and Environmental History

“Class and Environmental History: Lessons from the ‘War in the Adirondacks’”

An Early Preview of W.H. Ellis in Mexico

“From Plantation to Hacienda: The Mexican Colonization Movement and Alabama’s African Americans”

Human Slavery and Non-Human Domestication

“Slaves by Nature? Domestic Animals and Human Slaves”